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Prosthetic Kit

Abutment Holders

  • Group of 4 abutment holders of different diameters for fixation of straight solid abutments.
  • It can be used with ratchet wrench.

Screw Drivers

  • Manual driver for cover screw after final placement if implant. It also can be used with healing abutment , impression coping and permanent abutment.

Telescopic Drivers

  • Group of 2 drivers (short & long) for fixation of telescopic abutments.

O-Ring Driver

  • One short driver for fixation of O-ring systems.

Try-in Angulated abutments

  • Group of hexed models for angulated abutments for choosing the accurate angel and type of abutment for each implant. Made from metal to be easily sterilized and reused.

Ratchet wrench

  • Most of prosthetic driver can be used by the ratchet wrench for more accurate and stronger fixation of the prosthetic accessories.

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