About Us

MaxiCare Vitane Implant System is the result of research projects hosted and led by the department of Oral and maxillofacial Implantology, Faculty of medicine - Lille 2 University - France, with the Head of Department, Prof. Manual Chanavaz; and SOFAMOR, one of the leading companies in spinal and orthopedic implants since the early 1970s.

Throughout years, SOFAMOR and MaxiCare Vitane Implant System developed an advanced and meticulous standard of technical production. The initial project researches took place during the years 1986 to 1990, after several tests and evaluations and many advanced researches, the state of the art technology in metallurgy and the latest findings in implantable systems were targeted and employed. The first MaxiCare Vitane Implant System product was placed in June 1990. Since then, many practitioners have been using the system.

Several clinicians from France and other countries have been regularly using the MaxiCare Vitane Implant system to treat and provide rehabilitation to partially or totally edentulous patients.

MaxiCare Vitane Implant system concepts are subject to continuous development and enhancement in order to avail from latest developments in the field of related practice and science of Implantology.

The system undergoes regular enhancements and adaptations and the related researches never end and the results are always provitaneing.